Signature Berlin: A Blockstack Event

The Blockstack Signature Fund and the folks who brought you Blockstack Summit 2017 are excited to announce Signature Berlin, the first in a series of worldwide events and demo days around Blockstack. The event will be taking place on March 2, 2018 in Berlin at the Axica Convention Center.

Together we’ll explore questions such as:

  • What decentralized apps are actually needed today and who is building them?

  • How do business models change in a world of open data?

  • What are the technologies to support a decentralized world at scale and for generations to come?

We’ll hear from Information Theorists, Visionary VCs, Privacy Advocates, and Pioneering Technologists on these questions and more. You’ll witness the first ever Blockstack demo day where powerful app protocols in-progress look to take a first mover advantage and seed ecosystem growth from forward looking angel investors.

In addition to powerful conversations and a live decentralized demo day, a Blockstack hackathon will take place a day prior on Thursday, March 1- more details to be released shortly.

To those of you who want to have a place in the new internet, we invite you to Signature Berlin: the one day event where the decentralized community can gather to imagine, learn, and create around the topic of decentralized apps, and much, much more.

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Please note that none of the speakers at the Summit should be viewed as endorsing or offering any investment opportunity sponsored by Blockstack Public Benefit Corp or its affiliates (collectively, “Blockstack”), including without limitation the Blockstack Token, any Simple Agreement for Future Tokens related to the Blockstack Token, or interests in the Blockstack Token Fund. The presentations at the Summit should not be viewed as an offering of any such investment opportunity or a recommendation that any person invest in any investment opportunity.